125 Mile Back Country Catskills Loop

CR2 July 2023

Hello friends. I have finally had some time this summer to lay down a couple of routes to share (which has always been one of the original intentions of this site). This route is a good mix of paved and very mellow non-paved roads with excellent scenery throughout. For the non-paved sections, I would recommend having at least an 80-20 tire. But I have friend who managed without issue on some full street (Pirelli RossoIVs). So it can be done. For this type of ride, I run Conti TKC70s (Rear is the “Rocks” version). I recorded the “tracks” file in two segments, but this loop can easily be done in a single day. The first day, I had to cut my ride short in Prattsville and high-tail it home in pouring rain with no rain gear. So the second segment picks up in Prattsville. I started and finished at Belleayre Ski Resort. But there are a few points that would be good start/end points along the way. I would recommend Pine Hill, Prattsville or Stamford, if not Belleayre.

If you are using Belleayre as the start/finish point, I would recommend the following spots for food/coffee–

Stamford Coffee— This is a logical spot that is roughly half way through the loop. It is definitely nouveau-upstate (a/k/a Brooklyn-ey vibe). But if you are into (don’t mind) that sort of thing, they do have a full service coffee bar with a rotation selection of panini-style sandwiches on the weekend. I will add that Stamford is really the only place along this route that has fuel. So if you need it, grab it here.

Pine Hill Arms— The end of the route takes you through Pine Hill. When you hit main st. if you go left instead of right, you will pass The Arms. I can’t vouch of the lodging because I have never stayed. But the restaurant is legit. A husband wife team run the bar/restaurant. The “McDan” burger with tots is literally one of my favorite burgers. For those who might stay at the Arms, they also have ice cold Pilsner Urquell on draft.

A few final notes– Always ride on the right! No head-on collisions, please. Kindly ride slowly through the areas where there residential homes along the road. Wave at the people you encounter along your way, they might be my friends (and/or your future friends). Hit me up with any questions, or if you are looking for some additional company!


Download GPX File (zipped).

Google Maps.

Here are a few more photos from the route–